Controversial Budweiser Ad

 Riding on the coattail buzz of President Trump’s recent stances on immigration, Budweiser released a Super Bowl commercial focusing on the company founder’s personal story of entering America.  While the company claims to be bipartisan and nonpolitical with their marketing campaigns, the audience would clearly summarize otherwise.  Distinct phrases like “You’re not wanted here.” And “Go back home” followed by Busch persevering through the persecution and becoming an extremely successful businessman, all too closely mirror the potential narrative of the refugees attempting to enter the country.

The ad was very engaging and well made.  With its captivating movie trailer feel, Budweiser was sure to gain attention with this ad.  However, it was an extremely risky move on their part.  The issue of immigration is such a dividing line among Americans today, while the culture of beer tends to pull together a community.  Boycotts have already begun.  The community that used to come together around the country to share a beer is now divided because the political world has been brought to the doorstep of everyone's personal life.  Now people might feel as if when they share a Budweiser with a friend, they are advocating political policies and supporting political figures.  The last thing people want is to have to worry about political hot topics during their leisure time.


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