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Southern Exposures Senior Portraits

As an amateur photographer, most of my advertising is through word-of-mouth marketing. Because I have limited time to devote to photo sessions, this has been all that I've needed to propel my small business in the direction that I wanted to take it. However, as I have come to increasingly enjoy portrait photography, I have decided that it is important to equip myself with pages on my two primary social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.

As a digital photographer, it is absolutely necessary that I have a digital presence among my target audience which is primarily parents with small children, and high school and college seniors. By improving my reach, I will optimize the opportunity for people in need of a photographer to see my work. My primary customer base is located in my hometown. However, I desire to expand that base to my current location in Athens.

The primary aspect of my business that I want to focus on throughout my digital campaign is that I offer quality images a…

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