Money in my Pocket? Yes Please.

With the invention of Smartphones, timely communication is faster than ever before.  In addition to all of the benefits and innovations that accompany the smartphone, there are also increasing problems emerging that were never before a concern.  One of the problems plaguing college campuses at large is the new temptation to check out during class time and surf the web, social media sites, and communicate with friends via mobile devices.  This is where Pocket Points comes in.

The creators of Pocket Points saw a problem presented before them and decided to develop a solution.  The solution is the fast growing app known as Pocket Points.  The app is designed to encourage college students to keep their eyes off the phone and onto the books while on campus.  Whether in class, or studying in the library on campus, college students have the opportunity to open the app and lock their phones.  The longer the app is open and the phone is locked, the more points that are earned.  Points translate into free stuff.  Pocket Points partners with local businesses in college towns.  Businesses are able to offer “gifts” that can be redeemed with designated amounts of points determined by the store managers. 

The concept of Pocket Points is ingenious.  It is a win-win situation for all involved.  College students are encouraged to be better learners, professors are offered the full attention of students participating, and local businesses are able to create brand awareness and improve their digital marketing platform. 

I write from personal experience.  As a college student in Athens, GA, I have been inspired to lock my phone and work hard while on campus, so that when I am not on campus I can go downtown, find some nice local restaurants and shops,  and enjoy my free time.  It is the concept of delayed gratification and I love it.  I can speak honestly when I say that Pocket Points has brought me into stores that I otherwise never would have known about or set foot in.  Download the app.  Do it.  Save money now and invest in your future.


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