Hooked on Hooked

Hooked. Three years ago, Tim Rothwell & Brett Berman created an app that was designed to engage the average college student and become an integrate part of everyday life.  Hooked it is the very essence of digital marketing coming to life and capitalizing on the future of marketing trends.  The founders' desire was to create an app that becomes a part of a college student's everyday routine.

How does it work? Hooked is an app designed to allow local businesses to offer deals that are time sensitive.  Once a deal goes live, the offer may only last for a few hours.  According to the founder's it is a "free mobile app that influences where students Eat. Drink. and Socialize." The goal is to "drive foot traffic and increase sales during those targeted hours."

Why target college students? Who loves good deals and good food more than the Average Joe college student who wants hang out and have a good time with friends, but has limited resources to do so?  By targeting college campuses, Hooked is able to keep a laser focus on the end goal with an audience that is hungry and ready for it's services.  The founders realize that no one knows the digital world more than college-aged millennial.  Millennials are quick to jump on board with digital trends and are also quick to share their latest favorite apps with all their friends.  For this reason, Hooked has chosen a very strategic target market for their consumers.

Digital Marketing is where it's at. As the realm of digital marketing continues to develop and evolve, more and more apps like Hooked will become available to mobile device users.  Apps will soon be replacing advertisements, and will become the new medium for spreading the brand of businesses globally.  The digital world is where marketing comes alive and apps like Hooked are capitalizing on the need for new avenues of communication.


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