"Social Media" is an Old School Term

When businesses aren’t on social media, we consider them to be behind the times. However, Moxie takes it a step further and claims that if businesses are only on social media, they are still way behind the times. Social platforms are constantly evolving and changing. And there are many digital outlets for reaching consumers outside of social. That is why Abby Hill, who is a content manager for Moxie states that “Social Media is an Old School term.” Therefore, social media is no longer the focus and instead the company takes on a broader since of the word by referring to “channels” of digital marketing. This is a common trend among many agencies and brands.

With this whole new outlook on digital marketing, there is a need for channel strategists, which are marketers who specialize in platforms and need to know them from the inside out.  In the words of Abby Hill, “channel strategist are social ninjas” and they have to be dynamic. Channels are constantly changing, and it is their job to be ahead of these changes.

In addition to channel strategists, brands and agencies utilize digital strategist who focus on managing all things digital. Their ultimate goal is to determine how the brand can be extended beyond the website and traditional forms of marketing. The role of the digital strategist is “new, but necessary.” They act as the glue that holds together the entire transformative process of marketing.


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